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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Visit Partridge Point for some of the best chances of diving with seals.

Name Dive Site:Partridge Point
Depth: 12-20m (39-65ft)
Inserted/Added by: indigoscuba

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Partridge Point is a fantastic dive site consisting of a huge boulder surrounded by smaller boulders. Many beautiful swim throughs and caverns of varying sizes usually filled with soft corals, sea urchins, feather stars, orange sea cucumbers, sea anemones and larger fish such as Janbruin and Galjoen. Pipefish are also usually spotted on this dive.

What to look out for: There are many Cape Fur Seals at this site and it is great fun to watch their antics as they swim alongside you throughout the dive. Some of the braver seals will descend in front of you with their faces close to yours as they look straight into your eyes and blow bubbles in your face (probably as you will be doing this to them!). As you kit up on the boat, you will see quite a number of them sunning themselves on the huge boulder nearby. Hopefully you're downwind of the rock, as you could have your breath taken away from you by the pong.

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