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Lars Hemel
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Antons is a great ocean side relatively shallow reef with excellent coral formations and bait balls of schooling fish.

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Antons is the most popular of all dive sites at Sodwana Bay. Of the approximately 180.000 dives that are undertaken annually more than 30% are done at this site. This clearly puts paid to the myth that Sodwana is 'dived out' or that the divers have smashed all the coral. This dive site is the most south-western point of 2 mile reef. It has amazing topography with lots of caves and swimthroughs. It is covered in coral – both hard and soft with a huge patch of leather coral. Antons is best known for its huge shoals of fish. Humpback snappers, bluebanded snappers, yellow snappers, dory snappers and flame goatfish create yellow swathes above the reef. Trumpetfish that have changed to yellow can often be found skulking in amongst these shoals. Shoals of zebra and german are also common. Hidden under the overhangs are numerous rockcod, squirrelfish, soldiers, potato bass, soapfish and sweepers. Two resident frogfish can often be found here.

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Name: dave.gilbert, © Author: Coral Divers

Antons' large profile makes it popular with divers. Nutrients are carried and pushed onto the reef by a predominantly north-south current, where large schools of fish hang. Slingers, Christies and Humpback snappers enjoy the feast. Don't miss the Slender Bardman on the northern sand patch. Meanwhile, look for the Sea Apple, a relative of the Sea Cucumber. The Giant moray also make a pleasant surprise. Large pelagic like Bigeye kingfish are often seen hanging near the surface in large bait balls. Large organisms like Turtles and Manta rays are also found feeding around the reef.

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