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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Nine Mile Reef is one of the last frontiers of diving with some of the best examples of coral in South Africa.

Name Dive Site:9 Mile Reef
Depth: 10-22m (32-72ft)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Nine Mile Reef is the last well known reef of Sodwana before crossing into Mozambique. Being so remote, it is dived less, weather can make her inaccessible and it will take about forty minutes from the launch site. She is located 14 km north of Jesser Point and sits only five hundred meters offshore. Especially the outward ocean side has stunning hard corals and the famous coral tree named Tubastrea Micrantha. Especially one example named 'Green Tree' is phenomenal and stands robust a few meters tall surrounded by shoals of goldies. Another famous place is 'Breaking Waters' sitting at a depth of only six meters and spectacular because of its enormous violence of thunderous waves crashing and rolling just above you.

9 Mile Reef has many caves, overhangs and other shelters perfect for huge morays, Moorish idols and large groupers. There are some great drop-offs, several steep coral heads in excellent condition and quiet often means unexpected encounters.

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- Triton Dive Lodge, Olakeni Reserve, Sodwana Bay, Mbazwana

Triton Dive Lodge

Triton Dive Charters & Lodge
+27 (0) 82 494 8761
+44 (0) 86 652 6030
 Olakeni Reserve, Sodwana Bay

The only place to stay and dive in Sodwana Bay! Come and scuba dive with Triton Dive Lodge in Sodwana Bay, South Africa for the best diving experience available.

Other facilities at Triton include a shady decked pool area for cooling off during the day, a restaurant and lounge, curio shop and a licenced bar. Our equipped communal kitchen and barbecue area serves those who prefer the self catering option. The Lodge has a very tranquil and natural atmosphere, with large lawn areas and shady indigenous trees making it a lush oasis even in the height of summer. Relaxed evenings see friendly people swapping tales whilst barbequing under the bright African stars, alternatively a scrumptious pizza and a bottle of wine from Nomsa

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Name: dave.gilbert, © Author: Coral Divers

As one of the furthest sites in the Sodwana reef complex, the highlight is the huge Green Tree coral. It stands about two and a half metres high, and is surrounded by hundreds of Goldies. It forms a unique feature amongst all the reefs in Sodwana Bay. This is a great multilevel dive, with a spectacular system of swim-throughs, overhangs, and caves. The crevices play home to Moray eels, and Tube anemones. Potato bass and Brindle bass are often found relaxing under overhangs. Keep your eyes open for Sharks and the hidden surprises such as Frogfish, Scorpionfish, and colourful Nudibranches.

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