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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Windmill Beach is a training dive site where you will find some small rocks covered in kelp.

Name Dive Site:Windmill Beach
Depth: 2-8m (6-26ft)
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Windmill Beach is a very easy and popular dive site for trainees. Just south of Boulders Beach you will find a parking area and beach that provides excellent access and exit points. There is a small rock about one hundred meters offshore which is often used as endpoint for this dive, making your way back to shore afterwards. It is diving among some kelp forest, nudibranches, urchins, sea cucumbers and smaller marine life. It is a muck diving paradise as you will find all sorts of critters hiding inside cracks and under the many rocks.

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Name: indigoscuba

Windmill Beach is a popular training site for new divers as it is usually very calm and sheltered. As it is quite shallow, there can be a bit of a surge on the seaward side of the rocks.

What to look out for: Search the nooks and crannies amongst the rocks and you might come across pieces of old porcelain from one of the many wrecks in False Bay. Spider crabs are camouflaged between the kelp and red and green seaweed and you can spot many orange and black sea cucumbers,frilled and gas flame nudibranchs on the boulders as well as shy sharks and pyjama sharks hiding in the small gullies. Quite a lot of juvenile fish on this dive too. There is also a nice kelp forest to swim through where you can spot feather stars, brittle stars and colourful sea urchins and anemones.

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