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Lars Hemel
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The Clan Stuart, Brunswick and Bata are three old wrecks from England which needs permission from the navy if you would like to dive it.

Name Dive Site:Clan Stuart, Brunswick, Bata
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Close to shore you will find the Clan Stuart, a 3500 ton British turret steamer that ran aground Glencairn beach fully loaded with coal on November 21, 1914. Its engine block can be seen from above the surface ever since making it at an easy wreck to find. She is well protected from winds and currents and makes an excellent wreck dive for beginners. Easy conditions, excellent marine life and some history make it one of the better dives in False Bay.

Two other unknown wrecks in Simon's Bay are the Brunswick and the Bata. The Brunswick is an old 18th century wooden East-Indiaman that ran aground in 1805. The remains of this historic wreck, which are not more than its iron hull and some copper, are well maintained and studied. It is strictly forbidden to take anything with you. All three wrecks are sitting in an area that needs permission from the Naval headquarters in Simon's Town or Cape Town if you want to dive it. One of the species that is common to surround the wrecks are Pajama sharks.

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