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Lars Hemel
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The name Bikini comes from two separate ledges one to two meters high and in between fifty and one hundred meters long.

Name Dive Site:Bikini North and South
Depth: 15-23m (49-75ft)
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Bikini is a dive site located on the southern seaward edge of 2 Mile reef. Like a bikini it doesn't look like much but hides lots of beautiful things. It consists of two dive sites and much debate has taken place about which is bikini top and which is bikini bottom. Suffice to say Bikini North and Bikini South have ended the ribald discussions.

Bikini South is flat with a 0.5m – 1m ledge along its northern edge. The ledge is approximately 100m long. The maximum depth is 20m and the average depth 17m. A favourite spot on this site is Mellow Yellow. It is an area that has huge shoals of blue-banded snappers, yellow snappers, humpback snappers, flame goatfish and white kingfish. The ledge has numerous cleaning-station overhangs staffed by bluestreak cleaner wrasse, banded boxer shrimp and white-banded cleaner shrimp. Specials that can be found here are juvenile razor wrasse and ghost pipefish.

Bikini North is flat with a 1m – 2m ledge along its seaward edge. The ledge is approximately 40m long. The maximum depth is 22m and the average depth 18m. This dive site is essentially a continuous cleaning-station staffed by bluestreak cleaner wrasse, banded boxer shrimp, white-banded cleaner shrimp and Durban dancer shrimps. Emperor angelfish, semicircle angelfish and numerous species of rockcod can be seen reversing into cleaning stations. Specials that can be found here are paper fish, eggshell shrimps, squat shrimps, anemone crabs and many species of less common nudibranchs.

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Name: dave.gilbert, © Author: Coral Divers

Bikini is a macro photographer's playground. Try spotting the Ghost and Scribbled pipefish, Garden eels, or juvenile Boxies. This delicate reef is an important cleaning station, packed with Durban Dancers, Banded Boxer, and other cleaner shrimps. This attracts many adult and juvenile Moray eels (including Black Cheek, Starry, and Geometric morays). Don't miss some of the bigger visitors, such as Sharks, Turtles, Rays, and Manta's, who regularly make use of the cleaning facilities and can sometimes be seen.

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