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One of the sheltered spots around Gordon Bay is the Balcony, great for a dive out of season.

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Scuba diving at dive site Balcony is great especially in summer, when the South Easterly winds have been blowing for a few days. It is quite a sheltered dive spot, so excellent for less-experienced divers but, at the same time very enjoyable for experienced divers as further out there are stunning reefs teeming with life. Watch out for the swells when putting on your mask, fins and gloves and remember – never turn your back to the sea.

Marine and coral life you can see includes orange wall sponges and red encrusting sponges. Many beautiful strawberry anemones, elegant feather stars and lacy false coral. Further out are orange and pink noble corals, gorgonian twig corals, palmate sea fans and sinuous sea fans. Many gas flame nudibranchs and frilled nudis are spotted on all dives. We often encounter seals on this dive (remember to keep your hands close to your body!), as well as pyjama sharks, gully sharks and even the odd butterfly ray.


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